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Organic Black Mustard Seed

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Black Mustard seed are rich in phytonutrients, since it is used largely from our ancient time, not only for tempering dishes and also for medicinal treatments. They are known to contain various benefits since they are low in calories and high in nutritional value and contain a lot of antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Cultivated in India and also good for your health. Our products are grown in certified organic farms; we are maintaining the highest standards without any synthetic process.


Whole black mustard seed can use directly as spices. Using mustard seeds in dishes vegetarian and non- vegetarian enhance the taste of foods. It also adds nice flavor for delicious dishes.


Bubble Organic Black Mustard Seed are extremely popular ingredient in all cuisine, especially Indians. Our vision is to provide the highest quality of organic products for genuine price. Our products are special because there is no refine or products gone under polishing process and no addition of artificial aroma. We take great delight to ensure the nutrient substance in food and its organic taste. Real organic products undergo traditional process of harvest where framer has the practices of making the grains, pulses, rise etc., to dry directly under sunlight and processing by beating the grains for removing the pods by cracking and scratching for removing husk and outer covering, cleaning by natural way for removing soil and stone or winnowing method used to remove skins. Our products are made from premium quality; undergo austere and accurate laboratory ordeal to meet FSSAI food safety standard norm. Our products are packed in good hygienic condition.

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